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2024 TT Leaderboard              2024 Handicap Leaderboard    

Bala SC TT;   Bassenthwaite SC TT;  Rutland SC TT; Bala SC TT;   YDSC  Nationals;   RYYC Northerns; Kielder Water SC TT;    Grafham SC TT



2023 TT Leaderboard              2023 Handicap Leaderboard    

YDSC TT;   Bassenthwaite SC TT;   Rutland SC TT;      Bala SC TT;   RYYC Nationals;   Grafham SC TT


2022 TT Leaderboard              2022 Handicap Leaderboard    

Carsington SC TT;   Bassenthwaite SC TT;  YDSC TT; Rutland SC TT; Bala Nationals & TT; Northerns & TT RYYC; Kielder SC TT; Grafham SC TT


2021 TT Leaderboard              2021 Handicap Leaderboard    

Bassenthwaite (Nationals);    Tresaith Mariners SC;   Bala TT;     Bala Fun Races;     Stone TT;           Yorkshire Dales (Northerns)RYYC, Bridlington TT;  Kielder SC TTCarsington SC TT Grafham TT

 2020 TT Leaderboard              2020 Handicap Leaderboard                                        
       Bala Social
             RYYC, Bridlington TT              Grafham Water SC TT

              2019 TT Leaderboard              2019 Handicap Leaderboard                                      
       Rutland TT
            RYYC, Bridlington TT           Bassenthwaite          Yorkshire Dales TT

Nationals at Bala       Bala Gala Fun Races        Felixstowe Ferry Cat Open        TT at Stone Week

TT at Bewl Sailing Assoc.              Northerns at Carsington             TT at Grafham Cat open

              2018 TT Leaderboard               2018 Handicap Leader Board

 Rutland TT         Bassenthwaite       Carsington June 8-9th      
 Nationals at Bala     Bala Fun Races

TT at Stone Week           Northerns at Bridlington          Yorkshire Dales         TT at Grafham Cat Open

         2017 TT Leader Board                 2017 Handicap Leader Board

Rutland TT            Bassenthwaite May B.H.          Carsington TT           Bala TT          Bala fun races

 TT at Stone SC         Nationals at RYYC       Northerns at Yorkshire Dales

2016 TT Leader Board                 2016 Handicap Leader Board

Rutland TT        Bassenthwaite  TT     
 Carsington TT      
    Nationals at Bala      Bala Gala 

          Stone Week                Northerns at Bridlington              UKCRA event, Stokes Bay      

                             Yorkshire Dales SC                    Grafham Cat Open

               RESULTS AND REPORTS 2008---2015