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 The Catapult Class Association welcomes Catapult owners and everyone interested in the boat. It provides information and support, a point of contact for advice of all sorts, and the sailing programme for the year. The Association was proud to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the design in 2007.

The Association organises the Travelling Trophy racing series each season, with around eight events (each of one to three days.) Each event is at a different site, spread around the country, some established favourites and some new ventures.

The ease of travelling with Catapult allows us great variety, including sea and inland sites, and we sail at some of the most beautiful locations in the country (Lake Bala in North Wales, the Lake District and Derbyshire) at welcoming local clubs and at well organised Cat Open events.

  Typically the TT series has total of about 35 races (including the National Championships and Northern Championship) and allows 40% as discards for calculating the season's total.

  There is a supportive group of other sailors at each weekend event, with experienced members happy to give any advice on rigging and tuning, and on sailing. For some events Stuart Ede organises improver sessions, with advice on shore and practice on the water.

Below: Pairs Race at Bala: experienced helms paired with new racers, to coach through the race.

catapult training race at bala

  Racing is keen, but entered in a friendly spirit, with cooperation and respect for the rules, avoiding any need for protests. Not all the racing is serious, and the light-hearted races at the Bala Gala can be as popular and exciting as the TT events.

  Catapult is also well-established as competitors in two long-distance events (outside the TT racing series) at Marconi Club in Essex, and the Round the Isle of Sheppey, and welcomes other suggestions for similar events.

  THE SOCIAL SIDE: Before each event, the Secretary writes around to get ideas of attendance, and Stuart Ede emails out the  details, (which also go up on the website.) They find volunteer to be ďsocial rep", mainly to look out a local pub or restaurant for an evening meal. Usually the Catapult sailors join the local club in social evenings if one is on.

The season rounds off at the Presentation Lunch in November in a welcoming pub, somewhere central  everyone can get to

 Below: a selection of helms at the 25th Anniversary Lake Bala Gala, 2007 

Membership fees remain very low at £25, which also gives access to the big store of spares.

 The Association is managed through its AGM held at one of the main summer meetings, commonly the Bala Gala event in summer. Between AGMís the Committee members meet one or two times yearly, to agree actions in the different functions carried by the post-holders, and maintain email and website contact with members.

 We are also a central point for organising local cruising contacts, building up advice on cruising locations

(Below: Running home at Bala Lake)

   BOAT UPGRADES. Technical Officer John Peperell provides information on Taper Battens, Remote Outhaul & Foot Tension Adjustment, Carbon Tiller Extensions, Adjustable Trapeze Wires & 4:1 Main Sheet System.

   He also offers a r
efurbishment service (for Cross Beams, Main Beams Brackets, Rudders & Dagger Boards, and new and reconditioned Trampoline decks) Catapult Class Association members are entitled to a discount. The Association is building up a knowledge of where spare boats, or parts can be located, so that these can be advertised. (more)

The WEBSITE covers all the activities of the Association, putting up news, and the Racing Programme before the season, with information on each of the venues. As the season goes on, it updates reports on each event, with a Leader Table, and pictures from the sailing. The site also puts up notes from the AGM and Committee Meetings, and any other business.

 It offers contact points to anyone wanting to sell a whole boat or spares, as well as advertising boats and equipment available and advising on upgrading the boat or any repairs.

 The site is a source of advice on rigging, tuning, and sailing techniques for Catapult, and as a forum to look at tactics and rules as they come up in the events.

 It gives a history of the development of the boat, and the voyages in the cruising pages give ideas for futher adventures

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              (Below: Sunshine at lunchtime at Rutland.)