Rigging, tuning, modification, and repairs

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Sailing   Catapult


Gear and Used Boats

Assembly, Rigging and Tuning:       Assembling the frame             Assembling the hulls

 Raising the mast             Hoisting the main            Single halyard option             Downhaul               Shroud tension             

Sail Outhaul and Inhaul          
Mast Heeling Line            Mast heel line setup              Mast rake                 Faster rigging  

Repairs and Modifications          Repositioning the mast heel line            Mast buoyancy and capsize recovery    

  Fairings on the centreboard slot             Beam Repairs (1)               Beam Repairs (2)              Beam repairs (3)           

  Bow boards foam filling          Repairing rudder and centreboard foils           Shortened tiller arms and rudder alignment
Sand friendly auxiliary wheels            Puncture-proof wheels               Lifting the hulls               Repairing frame bolts

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