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        Helm             Rutland Bassenthwaite Carsington Bala Stone Bridlington Bewl Yorks Dales Grafham TOTAL  
1st  Gareth Ede (2) 1 2 1                                                                             4
2nd Stuart Ede (3) 1 2 2                                                                             5
3rd Alastair Forrest 1 (4) 3 1                                                                             5
4th George Evans 2 2 4 (5)                                                                             10
5th Mike Gough 4 6 (5) 4 14
6th Chris Phillips 6 5 6 (8)                                                                             17
7th Damien Cooney 7 7 6 (8)                                                                             20
8th  John Terry                                                                                      
9th Paul Ellis                                                                                      
10th Nigel Harrison                                                                                      
11th Chris Upton                                                                                       
12th Syd Gage                                                                                      
13th  Justin Evans                                                                                      
14th John Peperell                                                                                      
15th   Brian Cooney                                                                                      
16th  Alex Montgomery                                                                                      

Event Winner: flies the Blue Pennant:
at the next event he attends
TT Leader: flies the Yellow Pennant

    Helms score 60% of the total races.  Races not sailed  are scored as 15 (being one point more than the expected  number of qualifying helms  in the season) not shown on the chart until scoring is affected.


Rutland eased the season in with balmy sunshine and light SSW breeze at Rutland 8th-9th April  (Report and photos)  and then was back to an established favourite for the May Bank Holiday at Bassenthwaite

With strong 
breezes forecast, three races were squeezed in on Saturday, ahead of the threatened easterlies, which duly arrived to prevent Sunday's schedule (Report and photos).

A closely-fought duel between John Terry and Gareth Ede dominated the event. John was leading after Day 1, but it all came down to the last race on Day 3. Gareth lost ground due to a penalty turn, but then in the sparkling breeze he progressively turned the screw on John catching him and going on to build a solid lead. Gareth was able to discard a 3rd place acquired when he was beaten by his dad Stuart (how did that happen?!) so his scoreline matched John's place for place, and he just snatched the top prize on tie-break.

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