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August Bank Holiday 2014

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Catapult, returning to Bala SC for the 2018 Nationals, had the good fortune of a generous offer from Ken Hull to open the Club on Friday, and run the traditional fun races, making up the Bala Gala mix of tight serious racing and knockabout.

Friday had the first of three days of bright sunshine and an ENE breeze, light and fluctuating, and swinging, but excellent for the series of fun events, leading off with the Pairs race, around two short triangles, with higher handicap helms paired with (ostensibly) faster sailors, with the "junior" partner having to finish first to count.

Syd Gage set off fast from a good start chased by his "senior" partner Mike Gough, with Alastair Forrest vainly attempting to catch them to disrupt their increasing lead, which they extended to the end for the win. (Photo below) Behind, John Terry saw partner Chris Upton away from the start and then took off to chase Alastair's partner John Peperell (blocked and delayed at the start.) Vicious luffing of John (taking John way above the reach course) failed to hold him back, and John P with Alastair could come in a comfortable second.

(Below: Syd Gage takes off downwind not looking back, leading the Pairs Race, as partner Mike Gough tacks to follow, and Alastair Forrest tries vainly to disrupt them.) (Photo by Stuart Ede, nobly on the starting pontoon.)

The team race next was a good practice for the TT event, with every man for himself, but with the scores totalled for a team result. After a tight start, in the first lap the first three places were held by the Northernish Team team of John T, Chris and Syd, with John T racing well ahead, but over the second lap Mike and John P came through to capture second and third, and with Alastair's eventual fourth place the Southernish Team had victory with 9 points over 11 (Photo below)

For the pursuit race around two shortened triangles, the helms had staggered starts, in groups based on current handicaps. Chris Upton was away first establishing a long lead, helped by Syd Gage missing his three-minute start, so that he joined the five-minute start group. In the three-minute starters John Peperell returning to racing found that his boat speed was significantly better than his generous handicap, and from the start took off towards the front, holding a lead to the finish.  Nigel Harrison in the 3-minute group chased John, and was able to also just catch Chris, to capture second from him. Behind, the group of Stuart, Alastair, and Mike confirmed their similar handicaps, staying tight around the laps, and John Terry on scratch (seven minutes back) came on steadily to tangle with the leaders in a tight finish.

(Below: John Terry leads his fellow Team Racer Chris Upton (2020) but rival John Peperell is coming through to take third. Photo Stuart.)

The relay race followed in the same breeze, with the short beat to the top mark and two reaches, with the handover of the baton (a bagged football) in the space below the upwind start line.

With two teams going (mixed by handicap) Nigel Harrison for his team got away fast only to hit a mark and rotate 360, but a good change to Mike Gough kept them well ahead, with a good baton change to Alastair. Rival John P came up fast only to have his rig loosen and and tip to add to the drama.

However, the lead was doomed, as Alastair's third-man handover to Stuart ran out of space and they found themselves tangled together feet away from the shore. Stuart, eventually detached, eking out the remains of the lead, was hit by a big header and John T. after a good final baton change from John P, came through at speed to capture and hold the victory, again confirming that handover technique is crucial in this highly skilled sailing challenge. 

Alastair Forrest

(Below: the Bala SC rigging and launching areas--ideal, with grass to rig, and multiple launching points, with Tinkers and Catapults spread around.) (Photo: Marcus' drone.)

                                                                            FUN RACE RESULTS

 1st:   Syd Gage and Mike Gough
               2nd:  John Peperell and Alastair Forrest
               3rd:   Chris Upton and John Terry


 1st    John Peperell, Mike Gough, Alastair Forrest        9  points
               2nd   John Terry, Syd Gage, Chris Upton                       11 Points


 1st    John Peperell   (off 3 minutes) 
               2nd   Nigel Harrison (off 3 minutes)
               3rd    Chris Upton     (0 minutes)


            1st    Chris Upton, Syd Gage, John Peperell, John Terry,
              2nd   Mike Gough, Nigel Harrison, Alastair Forrest, Stuart Ede   

(Below: the fleet from Marcus' on-board camera.)

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