West Coast of Scotland Adventure:
Six days sailing out from Shuna Sound, near Craobh Haven

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Tactics and Rules

The Boat


The place: On Loch Shuna, half a mile south from Craobh Haven (south of Oban)---a cottage on a Laird's estate, down the hill to a little bay and jetty and slipway at all tides---rather perfect!   (Photo further below)

The group: Below: Justin, Chris, Nigel and Alastair


 -- four competent sailors – able to sail in strong winds, heavy seas and self-
rescue from capsize

serviceable boats (tested in force six)

 -- cruising sails if available

(Photo below: looking out over the little bay and our jetty to the islands)

          ON SHORE:

Local charts          Tide tables         Ordnance Survey Maps 1 : 25,000 (for shore features and walking)

Some spares (hull, tiller extension) and tools         Midge nets (not used)

         ON THE WATER

ry suit (A dry dry suit--- wet suit too vulnerable to weather change and long exposure)

Laminated passage chart                   Compass                        Good paddle

Dry sack/waterproof food container               Water bottle                   Sun screen

Mast-head flotation : a selection below: Chris' beachball, Nigel's inflatable bag, Justin's professional low-drag, and Alastair’s two ex-wine boxes inflated (a cheeky little Merlot, and a naive Australian Chardonnay)

Whistle                 Torchio                  Flares

 VHF radio           GPS (
Keep my Tracks” on iphone)                 Phone with sat nav in waterproof case

 Radar reflector (on Chris’ boat, below left)             
Klaxon (blown, and dramatic!)          Anchor

     (Above: Chris' custom-made cruising holdall----able to be unzipped from either end to get stuff quickly.)

(More on the Scottish cruise: Day 1-3 here: Day 4 and 5 here  and key lessons  here )

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