West Coast of Scotland Adventure:
Six days sailing from Shuna Sound near Craobh Haven

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  Voyage north up Seil Sound, to the Isle of Seil for lunch with Uncle Phil and Auntie Sue--- a broad lead in a light NW breeze up the loch, between the mainland and the islands (Shuna, then Luing, Torsa, and Siel) narrowing to the Bridge over the Atlantic.

 Easy sailing until the loch narrowed and the hills came in, ghosting in to the harbour.

(Below: the smoothly organised arrival for lunch


Above: Looking out over the harbour at the top of Seil Sound.

Right: Physics prof. spotted taking tea in a wetsuit?

 The return from lunch: going in behind Torsa, first having a look at the tide pouring in through Cuap Sound between Seil and Luang,  and then turning to go out the narrow exit between Torsa and Luing.

   First meetings with the tide races between the islands in mid-flow

 Below: easing into the narrow gap between Torsa and Luing , open water beyond.



     Voyage to Crinan, south down the mainland coast and  turning to port through the tidal gate Dorus Mor---the “Big Door”--- into the bay with Crinan Canal at the foot.

      Below: Outside Crinan---the little lighthouse, lock gates and big hotel

Below: Give us a wave: four Catapults safely moored at Crinan Quay

                         (and a history of Catapult rigs---Alastair's Classic (foreground) then the modern Roundhead which Justin risked cruising, Chris with the old Comet, and Nigel with TI.)

20 miles – about four hours' sailing, around lunch at Crinan.

 An ideal expedition---and on the way back through the
tidal gate, Dorus Mor,
a glimpse of what the wind and tide could do when briefly opposed ---- a belt of steeply-churned water, begininng and ending for no apparent reason

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