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This introduces you to
Catapult, the ideal boat for exciting racing, fast cruising and easy fun use.

The design is unique:- a strong, stiff aluminium frame supports slender inflatable hulls. The resulting light weight, only 95 kgs (210 lbs) makes Catapult sensationally fast for a 5m (16ft 4in) boat.

(Catapult's development  was shaped at Weymouth Speed week where it hit 17.9 knots, with peaks of over 20 knots.)

 The light weight allows this performance with only a 10 sqm. sail area, so that it remains  forgiving and well behaved.

   It has all three essentials for good learning and cruising: ease of handling (to build expertise and confidence) safety, and high speed (for excitement, and getting home on time.)

A new owner can get into racing comfortably, with support from the other members. The boat can be sailed with crew or family on holiday for fun and learning, but remains a true single-hander (not needing a crew to assemble it or manage it on land or water) It is the perfect fun boat still with full racing potential.


    Catapult sailors have taken up the boat because it is so flexible for the individual owner, who can be supported by a strong Association from the outset, and immediately or later take up the vigorous Association racing programme.

  The inflatable Hypalon hulls are extremely resistant to damage, and the boat can rest on them at the water's edge to be slid in.

  The hull shape make tacking quick and predictable, in contrast to other cats, and it is the only catamaran with an ingenious and easy method of righting after a capsize, through tilting the rig. (more)

 The light beach wheels slide down in the centreboard slots  and can be simply carried on cruises to give full independence. (more)

Compared with other fast catamarans, it is cheap to get hold of a boat tuned for racing (and very cheap to get a TI  boat or an older Cannon for cruising at speed and learning, with the full technical and advice back-up of the Association.)

New boats were produced up to Catapultís 25th Anniversary year in 2007, and the Association now assists with refurbishment and spares

 Since the basic aluminium frame and spars were well engineered from the outset, most parts are almost indestructible, but any repairs are a matter of some metalwork.

Any component can be separately replaced and the Association is on the lookout for sources of spares.
  With 500 boats produced, (of which some 150 boats have found their way to various parts of the world) there are a lot of spares out there

  The boat pictured immediately below (left) is the very smart new boat built for the 25th Anniversary Regatta in 2007.

  On the Catapult below right, all components are 30 years old, including the inflatable hulls (except the new rig, and a tiller extension) and it looks good, and races competitively.  


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