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  Topper International took over Catapult in 1987, and in 1990 Jon Montgomery helped with design of the TI rig, covering sail Nos 2000-2200. A 10sq m Dacron/Mylar sail is supported on a 7.2m luff groove mast with halyard.

    The sail has a bigger roach than Comet, with staggered batten spacings, and a straight foot. The fixed wishboom is kept, with a lighter mast compared to Comet.

Left: Alex pushes the TI across Lake Bala

Topper offered the two rigs together for a period (shown below reunited at Bala for the 25th Anniversary Regatta in 2007)


Above: The TI rig out in force in Club Med conditions for the Nationals at Weymouth sailing Club.

Below: Dave Jennings with the rig at a crowded Carsington Cat Open 2010

Below: a history of Catapult rigs, at the quay at Crinan, cruising in Scotland 2012:
Classic at the back, TI in front with the Comet behind, and the modern Roundhead rig (518)

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