Catapult Catamaran: rigging specifications, and battens

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                                             Catapult Hard & Soft Rigging

   Hard Rigging   (all hard ends measured inside thimble):

Shroud 2 x 3.680m x 3mm 1x19
Forestay 1 x 2.385m x 3mm 1x19
Bridle 2 x 2.000m x 3mm 1x19
Trapeze 2 x 3.800m x 2mm 1x19

   Soft Rigging:

Bridle 1.00m x 8mm 16 plait (480mm between bearing surfaces)
Mast Heel 11.00m x 5mm dyneema (approved forward heel line length 12m)
Trapeze Adj. 1.30m x 6mm 8 plait
Main Sheet 10.00m x 10mm 16 plait
MS Strop 0.50m x 5mm 8 plait
Downhaul 1.90m x 6mm 8 plait
Boom Strop 0.70m x 8mm 16 plait (inc. 360mm soft eye & 120mm tail)
Halyard 23.00m x 5mm 8 plait
Rudder Lifting 0.85m x 6mm 8 plait
Deck Tension 4.30mm x 4mm 8 plait
Toe Strap 2 x 1.30m x 5mm 8 plait
HB Handle 2 x 0.60m x 10mm 16 plait
Mast Retention 0.50m x 4mm 8 plait

Outhaul & Sailfoot Adjustment:

 clew block line 2.25m x 4mm 8 plait
 oh adj. line 1.95m x 6mm 8 plait
 oh mast line 1.80m x 4mm 8 plait
 sf adj. line 1.00m x 6mm 8 plait
 sf clew line 1.20m x 4mm 8 plait

    Shock Cord:

Trapeze 3.00m x 6mm (inc. 2 x 80mm soft eyes)
Rudder 4 x 0.35m x 8mm Solcor
Dagger Board 2 x 0.50m x 8mm Solcor
Rudder Key 2 x 0.14m x 4mm
DA Fairing
Tensioners 2 x 0.20m x 6mm

BATTENS FOR THE HYDE MAIN:   RBS epoxy batten set.

part no.                       length
          E 10230/240c             2200mm
          E 10230/210c             2000mm
         E 10230/180c              1800mm
         E 10230/165c              1600mm
         E 10180/150c              1300mm
         E 10120/105c              1000mm 
         E 10100/060f                500mm

         MB 8009  pack of inner caps

   Order battens from Contender UK
  Tel: 01329 849036

  For Sobstad/Dolphin/Northrop Round Head sails, the battens are as above except for top batten, which is   900mm.   (Seven inner & outer caps are required)

 John Pep notes:  The Hyde sail comes without battens. Hyde "contract" battens   are non tapered, and suitable for cruising but they not enough  for racing.
  It is about deform loads and max camber position. The Catapult sail needs battens that deform with load of 3-3.5lb max. With non-tapered battens, the 3 lower (longest) battens deform at 2-2.5lb (too soft) while the top 4 battens deform at between 5-10lb (too stiff).
  Contract battens have their max camber at 50% of batten length, whereas taper battens have the max camber forward at 40%.  For this reason, alternative battens as above are needed.)

John Peperell CCA Technical Officer

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