Jon Montgomery: designer of Catapult

22nd February 1935 - 9th June 2009

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Catapult Association members were deeply saddened to hear that Jon Montgomery, the designer of the Catapult, which has given so much pleasure over the years, died on Tuesday 9th June

He had been suffering from lung cancer for the last couple of years. He soldiered on remarkably through his treatment.

Typical of Jon, in his last few weeks , with his son Alex's help, because he was in a wheelchair, he had been preparing various tips to go on the class website, and his guidance on capsizing recovery was posted just a few days before he died.

Jon was a remarkable man who had a vision for a unique catamaran that would become a design classic, which he took from the drawing board to reality on the water.

We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his vision, amazing expertise and dedication.

jon.montgomery, Catapult Catamaran designer
Jon Montgomery Catapult designer at the 25th year Anniversary


There was great admiration for Jon in the multihull world, not just for the Catapult as a longstanding  part of catamaran sailing in the UK, but also for Jon's revolutionary Quatrefoil radio-controlled model catamaran that Jon had been campaigning very successfully, and which he hoped might one day be adopted by a syndicate and turned into a full size, ocean going, round-the-world record breaker.

He was also a great guy to know, and the Catapult Association members were able to demonstrate the deep affection for him and for his design at the Catapult 25th Anniversary Regatta at Bala Lake in 2007 (photo left)



Catapult catamaran: the first years

Above: Catapult takes to the water in 1982: Jon with son (and future Class Champion) Alex.
Jon Montgomery at the launch of the Catapult class at the Southampton Boat Show in 1982
Jon Montgomery Catapult designer 1982


The sympathies of all Association members go out to Alex and Sue.