Catapult Catamaran racing at Bassenthwaite:
more pictures from Day 3  (All photos taken by BSC Rescue Boat)

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  Below: gusty or what?  Below left: Chris Phillips comes past enjoying some peace on the run.

  Below right: a few seconds later---the gust arrives, the boat digs in, the wake plumes, and the bows go down.


 Above: John Peperell in Race 1 with the sail cut down by him from the 13 sq.m laminated Kevlar mesh sail used for the 5.5m experimental boat.

 Left: Justin Evans with the new Hyde main out for the first time (and see also  Gear and Used Boats)

Above: Alastair goes upwind for second in race 1

Left: Paul Ellis watches the bows carefully under the pressure of the main, Race 3. (The sight of Chris being towed home, behind, is no reassurance.)

Below: John Terry leads George, Chris, and Justin, in Race 1

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