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-- fast easy handling in a fresh Bala breeze

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and on board racing at Bewl and cruising the Solent here)

2017 SAILING PROGRAMME Stuart is powering ahead with the 2017 Travelling Trophy programme, and has confirmed some favourite venues: Rutland to open the season on 8th-9th April, the May Bank Holiday again at Bassenthwaite, Yorkshire Dales 7th-8th October, and finishing the season again at the Grafham Cat Open in October.
A season highlight at Bala,is confirmed for 1st-3rd July, and we will be going back to Carsington in May,and the real sea sailing at Bridlington (date to be confirmed)


Catapult returned to the Noel Inn, Whitwell for another successful prize-giving lunch. Syd Gage's careful compilation of videos across the TT events gave fascinating or embarrassing reminders of a successful season (with total TT attendance up, and five helms scoring a TT event win.)

Gareth Ede's win in the final TT event at Grafham  confirmed his firm grip on the 2016
TT Leaderboard  and he wins the 2016 Jon Montgomery Trophy comfortably. (Right: Gareth recieves the TT Trophy from Chair Alastair Forrest.)
Gareth also took the Catapult Nationals at Bala in July.

John Terry's good results after missing early events let him just overtake George Evans for the TT second place, and John also held on to the Northern Trophy for 2017 .

 2016 SAILING PROGRAMME:  FINAL EVENTS FOR 2016: . The final 2016 Catapult TT event was again at Grafham joining the Cat Open fleets (and Catapult had the third biggest fleet turnout, after the Sprint 15s and A Class.) The trapezoid course suiting Catapult, and light-moderate NE breezes (with some bursts of bright sunshine) made it a great final event. Alex Montgomery scored two wins on Saturday but had to leave for work comittments, and Gareth Ede consolidated the  event win ahead of John Terry.(Report and pictures)    (more Grafham photos 

Yorkshire Dales SC hosted the penultimate TT October 8th-9th, on Grimworth Reservoir, high on the Yorkshire moors. Varying NE breezes gave a good fleet a bracing workout, with Gareth Ede pushed by John Terry (photo below) and George Evans.  (Report and photos)Chris Phillips' boat speed made him the Handicap winner in every race, but Alastair Forrest with a generous age allowance (both boat and helm) clung on to the Red Pennant on the Handicap Leaderboard
to win the Handicap trophy for 2017 (Below: top mark action at YDSC, as Gareth Ede (event  and 2016 TT winner, right) and John Terry (TT Runner-up) tack for the mark.) (Photo: Paul Hargreaves Photography, with thanks)

    DVDs FROM CATAPULT EVENTS; LIST AVAILABLE Syd Gage has worked on the output from his and George's on-board cameras (photo below) to produce great videos of Catapult action, including a season roundup. The list and details are here

Through the generosity of past Catapult sailor Admiral Sir Robert Hill and previous Secretary John Peperell, the Association has a good supply of spares to keep the fleet afloat in cases of breakage or damage.  John Terry manages the store: list of spares here and guidelines on availablity here

Syd Gage has added to his stream of practical advice and detailed instructions with a new article on DIY Puncture-free PU-foam-filled Tyres The article here shows what to buy, and Syd’s excellent photos and instructions (and personal setbacks) show how to change the steel roller bearings to nylon ones (more suitable for water immersion).  Many more are  here, the latest on  Repairing frame bolts  beam repairs, mast buoyancy, and halyard options.  

(Below: Syd Gage's camera mounting, picking up the opposition ahead as he concentrates on catching them.)

CATAPULT CRUISING  Justin (below) uses Catapult's shroud adjustment to dip the mast and negotiate the New Cut bridge between the Waveney and Yare rivers: more ) Get in touch with Alastair (at alastairforrest@hotmail.com ) with cruising plans or reports to add to the Cruising write-ups.

catapults cruising the Broads

Jon Montgomery: Designer of Catapult: 22nd February 1935 - 9th June 2009.

 A tribute to Jon here.


catapult catamarans start at carsington

Racing in the Travelling Tropy circuit
    is keen but very friendly.

The season offers around ten events, each at a different attractive venue

An "honour" approach to

     mistakes avoids the need for
     protests, and the website 
     has a Tactics and Rules Forum

Other sailors will offer advice
    on rigging, tuning and sailing,
    informally, or through contact
    arranged before an event.


Committee members are in contact before each event to tie up the arrangements

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