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 On Sept 28th-29th, Catapult was back to favourite setting at Carsington Sailing Club in the Derbyshire Dales, for the Northern Championships, combined with a TT event, joining the Laser 3000 Nationals. The forecast of fronts crossing the country was amply confirmed, and strong gusting WSWesterlies on Saturday, with bursts of rain and whitecaps down the lake, reduced the 6-man fleet to four.

 Gareth Ede found that his very reduced sail (looking like a small junk rig, picture below) gave a stable platform to trapeze, gaining upwind and then watching the full rigs catch up downwind around the trapezoid course. Sunday was less demanding, and close racing saw John Terry hold on to the Northern Trophy two points ahead of George Evans (who was a clear Handicap winner.) (Report)

(Below: Northerns winner John Terry (533) makes a characteristic fast start on Saturday, with Gareth Ede behind, on trapeze with his cut-down sail. Photo by CSC Rescue Rib, with much thanks.)

 FINAL EVENT  We will be rounding the season off again at the Grafham Cat Open always an event with a good atmosphere with a big cat fleet, but a separate trapezoid course for the Medium Handicap class, suiting Catapult (and the Catapult entries should qualify for a Fleet prize.)

  Going into the final event for the Jon Montgomery Travelling Trophy Gareth Ede has quite a cushion between him and the other podium contenders on the TT Leaderboard Behind him, John Terry's successfull defense of his Northern Trophy at Carsington puts him in a strong position to challenge Mike Gough for second place in the TT Series, because a full set of races at Grafham would give him the opportunity to shed the two DNCs still in his scoreline. Indeed competition is hot for the remaining podium places, because Alastair Forrest is only 6 points back from Mike

  On the Handicap Leader Board Mike Gough will be going into the last event with a comfortable 15 point lead, with Syd Gage and Alastair Forrest just 3 points apart scrapping for second place. George Evans did himself a lot of good with 5 wins on handicap at Carsington, and so (as with John) a full set of races at Grafham would allow him to shed the two remaining DNCs in his scoreline, so he would be well placed to overtake Gareth for 4th place in the Personal Handicap Series, from where he could even stand an outside chance of challenging Alastair for third place.


  RECENT EVENT We made a welcome return
Sept 14th-15th to Bewl Reservoir in its beautiful surrounding, with racing now operated by Bewl  Sailing Association. The four-boat fleet included the elegant red and black boat of new member Dave Chamberlain, The high pressure lying over the UK gave warm sunny conditions but a minimal amount of wind, so that three of five races were completed, including taking part in the club Bart's Bash mass event on Sunday morning

lastair Forrest was a comfortable winner, with a first and second on Saturday, and then in a match race against Paul Ellis (the only Catapults able to complete the weekend) eking out a second win, while Dave scored a Saturday handicap second (and a win on lap elapsed time in Race 2) (Report)

 On July 27th-28th, as a new sea venue, Cataput joined the Felixstowe Ferry SC Cat Open July 27th-28th, with good open-water racing in the mixed-Handicap fleet. Mike Gough found the Force 3-4 breezes to his liking, with a clean sweep of firsts in the scratch results. (Report)

Two weeks later Catapult was back to
Stone SC for three days of Stone Week, August 5th-7th. Brisk south-westerlies gave good racing, testing four boats; between them, the helms had forced withdrawals, unforced blunders, gear failure and a capsize. Mike Gough used the fresh breeze to drive fast upwind, eventually counting 5 wins from 6 races, including the final race, when the club fleets (and a Catapult) were wiped out by a 40mph front going through. (Report)

ohn Terry has updated the Assocaition spares stocklist, seen here (it was established hrough the generosity of past Catapult sailor Admiral Sir Robert Hill and previous Secretary John Peperell, to keep the fleet afloat in cases of breakage or damage. Guidelines on spares availablity are  here

CATAPULT NATIONALS 2019  Bala Sailing Club again hospitably hosted Catapult for the Bala Gala, 12th-14th July, combining the series of fun races (on Friday) with the 2019 Nationals (held over from the blown-off Bridlington contest.)

 The looming high-pressure over the UK gave light ENE breezes through the weekend, able to provide good racing (but dying to nothing for a half-hour in the final race!)

The Nationals were fought to the last race; from a fleet of nine, six different helms had a first or second place, and the three leaders had two firsts each. Gareth Ede avoided any bad result, to take the 2019 title by three points from John Terry.

On Handicap, Chris Upton was a clear winner, showing that the older TI rig can be made to go.

The Bala Fun Races went off smoothly and (for fun races) intensely, completing the Pairs Race (with pairs balanced by personal handicap, the higher handicap required to finish first) the Pursuit Race (with three staggered starts, from personal handicaps) and the Relay (with on-water transfer of "batons" i.e. footballs)

(Below: drone's-eye view of Bala SC rigging and launching areas)

here and
-- fast easy handling in a fresh Bala breeze

Videos  here and here and here
and on board racing at Bewl and cruising the Solent here)

The  2019 racing programme returned to Yorkshire Dales SC  up on the Grimwith Reservoir in the Dales, for a TT weekend, 8th-9th June The tail end of Storm Miguel made for survival conditions in the first race but fortunately the wind abated bit by bit over the rest of the weekend, and the sailing was conducted in a stiff Force 4 for some exciting but manageable racing. (Report)

The windy conditions clearly suited Mike Gough who was the clear winner on handicap with 4 firsts and 2 seconds. This boosted him from 4th to the top of the Handicap Series leader board, displacing Chris Phillips, who has twice topped the table this season, but who was away sailing in Scotland so had to counting several DNCs. Syd Gage has had an equally meteoric rise up the Leader Board from 6th to 2nd thanks to his 2nd place at Yorkshire Dales with a couple of firsts and a second in his scoreline.

(Below: Fast sailing-Mike Gough chases Stuart Ede across a cold and windy Grimwith Reservoir.)

EVENTS Before that Catapult had its real sea sailing at  Bridlington for the Nationals on 25th-27th May, but fate intervened. Saturday's light breezes were character-building and allowed two races, with Gareth Ede coming through for two wins (and a good second place for Syd Gage.) The hoped-for breeze arrived next day, but was gusting 6-7, with no boats making it to the water. The strong wind continued on Bank Holiday Monday to blow racing away again. (Results and Report)

With only two races completed, the
Nationals were held over to Bala, on 12th- 14th July (above.)

SECOND 2019 TT Catapult returned again to Bassenthwaite as a favourite venue, for the early May Bank Holiday. The looming peak of Skiddaw had a light snow dusting, confirming  the cold northerlies expected, but the forecast light winds swung NE and strengthened each day, to give excellent racing. The club was again very welcoming, and the ROs set the traditional Bass complex courses, with X's or Ws, with up to six legs, and more than one beat.

The clear leaders were again Gareth Ede and John Terry, although pushed at times (and with Stuart Ede scoring one runaway win.) Stuart was a clear Handicap winner, but Damien Cooney scored two handicap firsts in the four races he competed in.
(Results and Report)


 The Catapult fleet launched the 2019 season by heading again to Rutland Water April  13th-14th, racing in the Cat Open on Satuday (with the Shearwater fleet) and joining the club fleet for their "Big Pond" series at the wide dam en
d of the Rutland Water. Brisk easterlies gave bracing sailing, with sunshine to ease the chill on Sunday. Although Chris Phillips began the season with impressive new speed, Gareth Ede and John Terry re-established their battle at the front of the fleet, flying upwind on the trapeze, for a comfortable split from the rest. On Handicap, Chris easily dominated, counting 5 straight wins
(Results and Report)

 DIY CATAPULT HULLS! Germany-based Catapult owner Volker Lehleitner, faced with the challenges of getting new hulls, went ahead and made his own. He was able to get a job lot of Hypalon, and built the hulls to a high standard, as thephotos here show.

  DVDs FROM CATAPULT EVENTS; LIST AVAILABLE Syd Gage has worked on the output from his and George's on-board cameras (photo further below) to produce great videos of Catapult action, including a season roundup. The list and details are here

               HYPALON  TUBE REPAIRS Puncture? Leaky tubes? Seams coming unstuck? End caps need replacing?
Paul Stubbins offers a high quality professional repair service. Paul, now working as a sole trader (with therefore no VAT to pay!), has many years experience working for RIB manufacturers.Paul offers a nationwide service from his base in Hull.
 Have a word with Class Secretary, Stuart Ede, to see if he can arrange for pick up and delivery through the membership network to save on transport costs.
Contact Paul at
paulstubbins23@gmail.com or on 07429 754392.


 NEW REPAIR ADVICE Syd Gage has added to his stream of practical advice and detailed instructions with a new article on DIY Puncture-free PU-foam-filled Tyres The article here shows what to buy, and Syd’s excellent photos and instructions (and personal setbacks) show how to change the steel roller bearings to nylon ones (more suitable for water immersion).  Many more are  here, the latest on  Repairing frame bolts  beam repairs, mast buoyancy, and halyard options.  

 (Below: Syd Gage's camera mounting, picking up the opposition ahead as he concentrates on catching them.)
(Photo Paul Hargreaves with thanks.)

CATAPULT CRUISING  Justin (below) uses Catapult's shroud adjustment to dip the mast and negotiate the New Cut bridge between the Waveney and Yare rivers on the Norfolk Broads: more ) Get in touch with Alastair (at alastairforrest@hotmail.com ) with cruising plans or reports to add to the Cruising write-ups (and see his recent tidal Thames cruise.)

catapults cruising the Broads

Jon Montgomery: Designer of Catapult: 22nd February 1935 - 9th June 2009.

 A tribute to Jon here


catapult catamarans start at carsington

Racing in the Travelling Tropy circuit
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